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Took a trip over to the USAF museum with my father. Thought we would sample some local Dayton pizza and this place came up on my Urbanspoon search. Had good percentage vs number of likes and decent reviews. We each ordered our favorite type of pizza. Dragged our pizza's back to the hotel and feasted. Very good tasting pizza. Understand the good hit rate on the percent rating for this place! Love good local pizza!

Diner Review Jul 05, 2013
Likes it
Don't judge Joe's by its appearance, they have some pretty good pizza!!!

Diner Review Feb 22, 2013
Joe's has great food! Everytime my husband and I go in there they know us by name and are so friendly. They treat everyone like family. The food is always fantastic no matter when we go! We go to Joe's at least once a week. If not more! For anyone who has not eatin at Joe's, I strongly recommend going!

If you're not a chain pizza fan, and are interested in visiting a damn good pizzeria that has stood the test of time, then Joe's is my recommendation for folks in the Riverside (Air Force Museum) area. Nothing special to look at, but it packs a punch in the taste department. I'm a frequent lunch visitor, but call ahead so that it's ready when I arrive.

Joe's is regularly voted one of the best pizzas in Dayton. It has a lot of flavor and you can really taste each ingredient. You can buy them unbaked but they're much better baked. My favorite pizza

Yep. This place pretty much rules. No frills. Hubby and I were determined to break out of the pizza rut and try something new. Yelpers were right - Joe's is great and worth the drive. Don't bother getting a large - go jumbo!"